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Tell me About Your Tuesday – 6/12/18 (dVerse prompt)

What is it like? Like a blomblastious hammer, torching the frielldian sky.

Treaching the tomboys about the colour blue. blue like a cold cat


wide & tided, from side to side; sighed. 

But this was worth so much more than a sigh,

twas worth a handful of tea-whitened heightened light

Causing a ciender to t’tch t’tch tapping out the heartbeat of the night

A fleiding pitcher, tentcherously unravelling, treacherously recapturing, fry-pan jumping, wretchering. 

On the road you know your own mind

Like a kite, fleeping out of the atmosphere 

        & a You

Attached to the string end

Editing your last words as if they will be captured, 


A catalyst for burdens

Shanted solely for sliding




Past the pan and leading darkness


& deeper


a darey

pip-stick hole




Secret ingredients include; made-up words added freely because real words don’t always cut it, a no-rule attitude, a willingness to let the words play across and around the page, and of course, a little madness is key

One Poem Every Day, Poetry

The End – 4/12/18

When the waves are angry,
and they crash
smashing gaily over bulberous 
blue-faced rocks
– It is only the beginning 
And when they flood away, skittering 
the tide pools down to nothing, leaving the
sorry rock-face open to the sun
– Then it is just the end




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One Poem Every Day, Poetry

Smile Once – 3/12/18

When I learn that I can smile

And the smile is allowed

The catchy seasoned cavalry comes down to bend a gate

forward into fallacy and onward, over-felt.

When I learnt that I am falling like Alice for days on end

How does the story end

when it’s never so stormy but the foot steps quail suspended in emptiness but a ridiculous thought is my own

I’m glad to see it flying despite the rocking windows and the air that never stops till the thud at the end

and if it never ends and falling is my new life at least I fell with a smile and at least my smile’s my own

it’s a quiet a case of learning

one part relaxing and another four fifths of fight eventually even falling feels like walking


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True – 2/12/18 (A Month of Poems)

IT’S quarter to 9 and the time is

ripe, full of train whistles and sirens.

Gusting sighs burn the air around

them. My radio is blasting,

something good and thumping but I

can’t muster up a fist pump this

early. Dropped out of orbit by

a traffic light, the reflection

of my keys in the ignition is

pulsing in time to the deep beat.

I find myself remembering how

hot the sun is burning, but how

gentle it is through the car

window. The day picks up a little,

like a sponge cake you thought

was burnt, but the centre springs

back. The song ends, and an ad

starts, with the radio host

exasperatedly grumbling over the

top “no, no, too soon, we’ll get to that

soon enough” before he switches it

off. “I get paid to have fun” he says

as he turns the next song on, a

sunshiny melody, weaving in and

out of car windows, and coffee shops

where the soft vanilla cakes filled with

decadent cream sit waiting behind

glass for the moment of their lives.









One Poem Every Day, Poetry

Who knew – 28/11/18 (A Month of Poems)

I’m leaning towards Whitsunday’s,

But not when diamonds cackle,

We talk to neighbours unafraid, but crumble when they stalk us.

The watchman on the castle hasn’t seen a thing,

He’ll never raise the castle bridge

& he’ll never warn the king – but twas only little goldilocks,

Came in on a swing.

& by her side 500 strong, a calvery of men.

She vanquished all the bears you know, in the end they fled,

But she would have treated them kindly – she feeds all her prisoners bread.

So somewhere between fairy tales & a game of Simon says,

The king puts up his honey & the Queen counts no more money,

But it could have been prevented, if it wasn’t for,

The tired & sleepy watchman propped up against the door.


One Poem Every Day, Poetry

White Clifts – 27/11/18

Caramelised legions marching through the wattle.

Dancing to the sound of endless cattle.

Watching for the evening and when it comes I die,

A happy life for a fly, but not for me.

When does the dancing stop?


When my head decides to rest

& that’s when cotton candy fills the skies

& the magpies fly away with all my sighs


I know I didn’t want too much, but now since this explosion,

Will my valley blow away the dark grey soon?


Shoes on each foot – how did a goat tie shoelaces?

Wonderous things have happened underground.


Where the sleeping things fly, & the ants feed on nothing, but the answers that got lost on desert suns & the pages rustle slowly as the caterpillars crawl,


What a lonely* day to call the rain clouds on.





One Poem Every Day, Poetry

All is Quiet Here – 26/11/18 (A Month of Poems)

I’m swinging in the highest breeze

Waiting for the trees to sneeze

And when they do I’m sure I’ll fall.


But right now I’m above the world.


can’t catch cold running this fast,

impossible to trip and stumble,

watch me moving red and righteous,

grooving to my music.

This couldn’t last forever

But I’m a believer in whenever

So you can take your freedom back.

There is a sign in every silence,

Burrowing into the skin of me.

We walk alone & then together, falling on our knees.


I can’t see over the treetops

I can’t see the traps that I built

I’ve done all I can so I wait for the slip rails to come down


A tree is such a solid thing,

the bark chips, but the branches stay,

And the laughter makes it blow away.