Since the 26/10/15 I have been writing a poem a day. The goal is to write one every day for a year. That’s right, 365 poems.

It’s been going pretty well so far. I have missed a few days but never two in a row.

Today was poem number 13. With a writing prompt from the well-known site,, (you can find it here; today’s poem was a haiku.

And I got so carried away that I wrote three!

Fine sheath of green leaves

The trees last defence today

Blowing in the wind

Such a lot of noise

Galahs tumbling through the open air

Before midday heat

Such a lot of noise

So much fuss about what she’s done

Chicken has laid an egg

My favourites are the last two. I reused the first line for each of them because I found two directions I wanted to go in after it!

Haikus are lots of fun, the first one I ever wrote was about a pine tree I could see out the window of the stuffy uninspiring classroom I was in at the time. Haikus are lots more fun outside the classroom.

Pine tree

If you want to write your own haiku, remember the formula is 5-7-5. So five syllables in the first line, seven in the next and five again in the last.

Have fun!


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