The inspiration for this project came from Design Sponge, the post by Kate Pruitt you can see here;

When I first came across it I thought it was adorable and immediately wanted to try it! After getting a few supplies together, this is the final result:

The Finished Project!
I’m so happy with the result of my craftiness 😉


And I’d like to share with you just how I did it because it’s so easy you’ll want to make one too!

So first up I found a nice little box just waiting for a paint job,

Found Box

After a base coat similar to the original blue I just went crazy with a few different patterns,


Then I ordered some index cards from eBay, I got them bulk so as to have some for any future projects I might do, and plus they were so cheap that way!

The final chopped size :D

Handwritten dates are friendlier I think...

I cut them in half, using a guillotine, then wrote the dates on them. A nice relaxing project to do while watching a movie.


After that all that was left to do was divider cards for each month. For these I did some finger-painting (fun!) on normal art paper then cut up each piece of paper in six.



And then put it all together,



The perfect gift for a friend, or for yourself!

The idea of this diary is to write one or two lines on the cards for each day, and to be able to continue this for many years to come. Like the original post says, ‘The first year is the least rewarding, but I imagine that in 10 years, it will be a daily treat to be reminded of what happened on that date over the last decade.’

I look forward to building up my own little treasure store to look back on each day.





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