Questions Crazy People Ask

Found this set of whimsicalities in an old old notebook. Proof that I have always been this crazy!



Question: How fast would a mermaid walk if she walked for 7 miles?

Answer: That would depend on how fast she got there.


Question: How do baby cars grow?

Answer: If they are red they will grow but the others just have to wait and see.


Question: What do you do if you can only ride a horse backwards?

Answer: Install rear vision mirrors.


Question: Why is the sea always waving?

Answer: Sometimes because people are leaving, other times just for something to do.


Question: Do birds smell like garlic?

Answer: That depends on whether they are Irish birds or not.


Question: What will you see if you look in the mirror?

Answer: You don’t want to know!


Question: Can cats dance the Polka on Sundays?

Answer: If they haven’t mislaid their tapshoes they can!


Question: Does the president like icecream?

Answer: The president likes icecream sandwiches and ginger beer.


And guess what!? There’s even more crazy questions to come! Let me know if you have any crazy questions for me to answer. It stops me being bored 😉