One Poem Every Day

“So now I’ve written it all down. Why? To try and make sense of it? It may come out sounding like a couple of nails in a rusty tin pot… But I want to tell everyone about my own people, how I love them… 
The sun is shining on another day, and hope is whispering in my ear.
With love and good wishes to all…” – My Brilliant Career (the film)
I’ve been writing a poem a day for a while now and I’m going to start posting one here every day too.

I’ve written 164 poems so far and I know from experience I will not write a brilliant poem every day, sometimes I won’t even write a decent one! However now that I have written 164 poems if I decide to be a scaredy cat and don’t want to share the poem I have written one day, I can share one I’ve already written.

I’m looking forward to sharing my poems. I know not many people have the time to read one poem every day, and that’s ok. I’ve been writing these poems for myself for a while and it’s done me good. So if just one of these poems reaches just one person who can relate, then I’m happy.

I think poetry is just our human feelings dripped onto paper. People have written poems for centuries and will for aeons to come. And why does anyone write a poem? To make sense of our feelings and thoughts. And when we read poems, don’t we look for parts of ourselves in the poems? To know that we are not alone.

So I hope that in the days to come you can find a poem or two with a bit of yourself in them.

The first poem will be posted tomorrow!

 ~Strange Regards, 



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6 thoughts on “One Poem Every Day

  1. Hi Zoe! I noticed that you dropped Jilly’s (that’s me) and that lead me to wander around in your blog for a bit. Your writing style is charming and engaging…hmmmm – there’s that little ‘follow button right over there….
    I, too, write poetry just about every day. I am currently working on a project called 28 Days of Unreason. Stop by and read about it – join in, if you find inspiration, or just say ‘Hi!’ Cheers, Jilly

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    • Hi Jilly! Thanks for following! I’m glad you enjoyed my poems so far, thanks for the encouragement! I’m still trying to improve so any helpful criticisms you have would be great too 😊
      I did have a wander around Jilly’s, and really enjoyed reading your work! Look forward to seeing your poems every day too 😊

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  2. Enjoy it… it’s a good discipline, which I took up circa 4 years ago… the good thing about writing one per day is that it frees you from the burden of writing “Evangeline” or “Thanatopsis, Just one, then another one… and son-of-a-gun, some of them turn out to be pretty good!
    Len Freeman (

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