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No. 165 “Silence” – 16/5/16

I like the quiet, I like to hear the small things fill the silent spaces,

Tucked in a cocoon, away from cities with thousands of faces,

And 15 people talking as loud and as fast as they know how,

And all the world demanding that they be heard, now, now, now!

Enough! I’ve had enough. I need to rest my ears,

I need a quiet spot where I can rest my fears.

Or just reflect, in the quiet like a round pond with a skimmed top,

Tickled by gentle breezes, I can throw each thought in, plop.

One at a time (not 100 rushing for me) time for each to speak,

To listen to silence, to catch each pinpoint sound is a technique.

But when you learn you can hear your cat as it shifts about in sleep,

The bugs thudding into windows, the smallest wind that weeps.

And each small cosmic moment you might have missed any other night,

If you hadn’t found a quiet spot to listen to your thoughts egnite.

~Strange Regards,



Thank you for taking the time to read my first poem in my poem-a-day series! If you’re wondering how it can be the first and the 165th at the same time it’s because I’ve been writing these poems without posting for some time. Some of the previous 164 will be posted occasionally too πŸ™‚

Thoughts, comments and suggestions are really appreciated!Β 


10 thoughts on “No. 165 “Silence” – 16/5/16

  1. Oh Zoe I absolutely LOVE your poem. I can totally relate to it, I love to be able to listen to silence. Keep ’em comming. Luv ya HEEPS A/Sal XXXOOO


  2. Nice! I love listening to the crickets and frogs at night. I can’t take busy! I need a time for solitude. I was reminded of these things reading your poem πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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