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No. 171 “Pieces of Me” – 22/5/16

I’ve been thinking of all the people

Who have a piece of me

The guy at the cash register

Who knows I have two cats

The librarian

who says she remembers people who read good books

Apparently she thinks I am one of them

My kindergarten teacher

Who knows what I looked like when I was six

The teacher I didn’t know

Who urged me to keep swimming

When I came up gasping for air halfway through the race

She said “you’re almost done”

She was wrong

I will never be almost done

I am always changing

With each piece of me that I give away


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4 thoughts on “No. 171 “Pieces of Me” – 22/5/16

  1. Zoe, There is a wonderful, unstated irony in this poem. I glanced at it yesterday and it drew me back today for a closer read. You grab the reader’s attention with the notion that the narrator is becoming less, but then color in the full picture by revealing exactly the opposite. The swimming pool metaphor is a fresh image -I like that in a poem! (I must also tell you that I relate to that one; it wasn’t until adulthood that I had a nurse tell me my failed swim classes were because I have low blood pressure. Alas! I was never meant to attain ‘Dolphin’ status, but I can salt freely!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Jilly! I’m glad you liked it that much 😊 and also that you understand what I was aiming for in the poem! That’s always reassuring 😉yes I always enjoyed swimming, but I wasn’t the fastest, once though I became senior girls swimming champion (which sounds impressive until you know I was the only one in the race 😂) Thanks for stopping by! 😁


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