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No. 175 “Escaping the Fire” 28/5/16

I know if the house was on fire, exactly how much I would weep,

As everything turned to ashes and the flames continued to leap.

They ask what you would reach for as you escaped the burning blaze,

And I’ve thought about it a lot, examined the different ways,

That I could keep all I loved safe, and this is what I think,

It’s my life I would save, like a drowning man saves breath as he starts to sink,

And I would be happy to stand outside as the flames rise higher and higher,

To be able to stand, catch my breath; life is what I’d snatch from the fire.


This question isn’t a new one, this is just my take on it. I would miss a lot of my things if my house burned down, but if I had a choice over my things or my life, the choice is obvious! This small poem doesn’t touch on other issues and topics that would take all night to discuss, it’s just me expressing a simple thought; that my life and the lives of my loved ones is so much more important than material things. ☺

One Poem Every Day 

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