One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 182 “Breathe” – 5/6/16

I catch my breath with a flimsy butterfly net,

For a second the world stops, seems to forget

Me so I can be quiet again, in a space made of nothing,

Till the noise turns back again and wants me to sing.


I remember an old house, smell of old supper pervading,

In the cool breeze of waning summer, trees shading.

No explaining. Time to breath in the full air,

Rich in rustles and windsong, how I wish I were there.


– zu

Isn’t it funny? When I started this poem I did feel a bit harried and rushed but writing it out has made me feel a lot calmer. Β I like to remember peaceful places that I’ve been to, makes me feel peaceful too! And of course the joy of poeming always makes me feel happy 😊


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