One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 25 “Round the World in a Bed: a silly poem” – 27/11/15

Soft and cozy doonas piled high on my bed,
Just in case it floats away, just like they said.
If I awake to find a world awash with sea,
At least I’ll be warm, now that the ocean’s free.

Drift in water ripples, an endless kind of flat,
I hope I can find some food, else that is that.
A message in a bottle, from someone elses bed,
They say the same as mine, I hope they’ve been read.

Day by night I wonder how this heavy bed can float,
Must be imagination. I think it’s better than a boat.
I wonder where the land went, down there I suppose,
Look there’s San Francisco! And on the ocean flows.

We’ve been twice around the globe, I never thought I’d travel far,
But I’ve been everywhere man, and I haven’t used a car.
I’ve seen three beds floating round just like mine,
I can’t complain, the food is good, the weather fine.

And when the ocean flows away,
To find another place to stay,
And I want firm ground to tread,
I’ll find I must get out of bed.



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