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No. 187 “Frameless” – 19/6/16

Another prompt today! Again from Elaine’s Place, this time the prompt was Frameless.  We had to write a list of things that came to mind associated with the word, frameless. My five things were:

  1. The wind in a cyclone
  2. Deep black space
  3. An unending holiday
  4. Forever
  5. A plane in a clear blue sky

Then using those things as a frame, write a poem. Mine came out quite interestingly, see for yourself!

Wind is a lovely word
Draw it out – wiiiiiinnnnd
Say it softly, breathe the word, wind
The wind will never stay.

Item One: when standing somewhere windy,
Remember, the wind is not confined
By your standing in it
Or by your arms outstretched
Willing to fly.

While grieving,
For the wind or other things,
Stand outside on a flat piece of grass
And see how black the sky is.
(It must be night for this to work.)

Count each black space
In between the glowing pinpricks.
Tell me there is not more
Than the grass beneath your feet.
Then listen. Is that the wind back again?
Aha. I told you it would never stay.

Ok. Now you have both,
Wind and black sky.
Now imagine time has stopped,
Frozen. (Just like you, it’s cold out here.)
Ok, hold your breath.
How many seconds have passed?
Wait no! Don’t actually hold your breath!

Just breath!
That’s right, a nice big gasping breath.
(Sorry about that, I had no idea you’d take this so literally!)
Anyway… How many seconds have passed?
I’d say, as an estimated guess,
By the length of the wind,
And the size of the stars,
About 10,000 years.
Probably. Maybe not.

But it could have been.
Just then when you stopped breathing
The world stopped turning.
(You didn’t even notice, did you?)
But it did.
And the sky is now mottled pink.

Have you ever seen sunrise come so quick?
Each sunrise lasts forever and…
Oh wait, no, it’s over now.
Yep that’s it. Done.
Stop for a minute and remember everything we’ve done in this poem,
Which was your favourite part?

Now look up at the sky,
Where did that happen?
It’s baby blue,
Clean and washed new,
Oops that was a rhyme.
And look!
A plane is making a perfect white ark straight over the sky.

You know it would be nice to stay here forever,
In fact if you want to you can,
I won’t end the poem until you’re done, ok?
Oh wait, you’ve gone. Ok.




4 thoughts on “No. 187 “Frameless” – 19/6/16

  1. I like the list you came up with. Especially the wind in a cyclone and the deep black space. Your poem is great, really quite interesting. It made me laugh a few times. And I actually imagined doing all the things you wrote in it. Good work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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