One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 188 “Time” – 21/6/16

Time sometimes drips like a needle and other times flashes like light,

Time I cannot understand you, against your own definition you fight.

Why do you rob me of seconds, when I thought the hours were mine,

Why do you stretch out the hard and rush quickly through what is fine?

Sometimes for weeks you drag then you are glad to speed up,

Zigging and zagging with joy till you spill all the joy from the cup.

I’d rather you were a small donkey, placid and slowly you’d go,

But donkeys grow older and stop while time never ceases to flow.

And even a donkey can jump, or be stubborn and stay very still,

And you cannot make a donkey go and time will not bend to your will.

When I have enough time, and I can let it flow through my hands,

Perhaps I will float in time content that time never stands.

And never goes back where it came from, is still pushing on past the bend,

Where we can push off our load, content that our journey through time never ends.


This is a very rough draft, I will probably come back to it and edit it later 😊 also all the time I was writing it I was imagining someone with thyme on their hands 😂 and apologies, this was meant to be posted last night, but technical reasons prevented it!


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