One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 191 “Explorers” – 25/6/16

Under a clear and uncertain sky,
Stands a tree which no one can identify,
It’s thick and tall, over 1000 years old,
No one has ever climbed to the top, so I’m told.

It’s no place for tourists, deep on a hill,
Where the ground is untamed and the air is so still.
It takes days to reach it, and that’s just by plane,
No it’s not just an easy stroll up a quaint lane.

The tree has no powers, for that is absurd,
But it’s so immense it could hide a whole herd,
Of wildebeests. Behind one branch.
And behind another, a wild west ranch!

OK I made that last bit up, what would a ranch be doing up here?
Be serious. But also be very clear,
Of what it will mean if you choose to climb it,
(to be honest with you I wouldn’t advise it)

But you are brave and and after all, we battled the hill,
You’d better begin or you’ll be up there still,
When the year 2999 arrives, or even 3000!
So get ready for the bark and boughs and,

The immense cloud of leaves and the ginormous trunk!
Are you ready to start? Do you feel like you’ve shrunk?
Go ahead! Don’t look down! Don’t think of the size!
You’re… 1/90th up! Wipe the sweat from your eyes.

OK this is ridiculous, why do you try?
Do you think you’ll feel better so close to the sky?
Well maybe, but also there’s not much air up there,
Do you think you should come down? Wait… Where?

Did you go? I think you’re behind a big leaf,
Now I can see you! That’s a relief.
Nope, you’re gone again, you’re getting high…
… It’s been days! I’m now just a crazy guy,

Waiting at the bottom for you to come down,
No one believes me, they see me and frown,
Saying I’ve been there for years,
(It’s true) and now hope disappears.

Did you find a new life in the tree?
You haven’t come down, for that I would see.
(Unless you came around the other side?)
I’m going to go there, to see if that’s where you hide.

I resolved to march round the side of the trunk,
It and when I got there, who would have thunk?
Well! A tea party round here and you didn’t invite me!
The invite got lost in the mail? Well I see.

Still, this tea is nice, and I’m glad you’re not lost,
It must have take you ages to get across!
When this is over shall we get going?
Next stop, the longest river that has ever been flowing!



9 thoughts on “No. 191 “Explorers” – 25/6/16

    1. How tall do baobab trees grow? They are one of my favorite trees 😁 I partly had in mind the magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton, I’m not sure what kind of tree that is! πŸ˜‚


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