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No. 195 “Gentleman Galah” – 2/7/16

A galah is something like a genius, under his cap of pale pink feathers,

Strutting so comically in his bright pink coat, made for all and any weathers.

Yes I’m sure a galah is a genius, his brain filled with so many ideas,

That he hasn’t time to think of anything else, and so has no fear,

To step out in front of a moving car, or stare down a ferocious cat,

Because he’s thinking of amazing things, and has no time for that.



4 thoughts on “No. 195 “Gentleman Galah” – 2/7/16

      1. As much as you had your perspective on this one dear, i was able to derive quite something about us humans and the 21st Century.
        The fact that our minds are tuning in transition from Human beings to Human doings.
        So we do a lot, and continue to develop further while we fail to have time about other issues that are of ‘being’ nature.
        The humanity aspect bit i mean.
        Thats what i got. ☺ – Cezane

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        1. True. And I suppose that meaning is somewhere in my poem, although like the galah, I didn’t even think of that πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing, it’s awesome what someone else can bring to a poem. 😊

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