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No. 49 “Party in the Corridor” – 26/12/15

 There’s an air of expectation and of finishing,

We have barely shut the last door, fingers still on the knob,
We are stretching out to reach the next one.
So much rushing, I have seen it as I sat in that long corridor.
Doors open, shut, slam, open, shut, like a train station at peak hour.
Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to pause in the gap between this door and the next?
To reflect and wonder?
So I forded through the waves
And handed out invitations

To a party in the corridor.
For whoever is coming,
or going,
or even in the middle of another room.

And they came.
Shyly but their faces said,
This is what we wanted
This is what we were rushing towards,
Only to find we rushed past it.
A space as big as this, where we can be quiet.



4 thoughts on “No. 49 “Party in the Corridor” – 26/12/15

      1. The pausing between. I am in between two jobs at the moment and pausing on vacation, I find my energy and creativity are low. It feels essential to NOT write much this week & to NOT be too engaged in thought. I’m not sure that was your intention, but that is, afterall the beauty of the written word – the reader fills in and completes the work of the poet, thus keeping our words alive as long as there is a new eye to see them!

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        1. Yes I think that is definitely a thought I was thinking in this poem, sometimes we just get caught up in forging on to the next thing and the next thing! Pausing is an important part of life too, no pressure, time to recharge. Thank you for expressing what you found in my poem, I love to hear peoples different perspectives on my poems. It’s like you say, a poem is really only complete when someone else reads it and adds their ideas. That being said I hope your vacation goes well and you return from the gap feeling well rested and ready to go again 😊

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