One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 12 – 10/11/16

He heaved his suitcase to the floor,

Packed it and was out the door.

He fed the dog, let out the cat,

And he was gone, just like that.

A rover now, stay-at-home no more,

To a mountain or some forgotten shore.

Seeking, exploring, see what he’ll find,

Sleep out of doors, or not, he doesn’t mind.

The dog followed 100 yards down the track,

Then sat down and wandered back.

If 100 years turned him like a cog,

This was the last time he’d see that dog.


Sorry for the slightly dismal ending, I’m not sure why he didn’t take his dog. But if you like you can imagine that, 

He whistled just to see if he’d come,

On this journey he’d just begun.

And the dog came running, gleeful barks,

Now they’re off, on glorious larks!



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