One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 204 “a spurt of crazy” 22/7/16

I’m in the mood for splashing in mud,
Pushing something over just to hear it go thud,
Or curling up in a ball and staying like that,
Or putting loud music on to dance with my cat.

I could probably sleep for 100 years,
But if I must go on, I’d like to walk on my ears.
Or tame a wild horse, (who knows how that’d go)
Or ride on a boat made to move by blow-

Or I could just sing,
Loudly and off key, making it up,
Quick someone give me a cup,
Of strong black tea,
Sugars? At least three.

As I sit down with a quiet cup of tea,
I can hear the storms raging round me.
But safe by the fire, safe from the storm,
I’ll keep the loud music and keep nice and warm.



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