One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 206 – 25/7/16

Take a step back,

– and smile,

Pour yourself a cup of tea,

– stay a while.

Watch the moon rise on the back of the sun, 

Take a deep breath and count to one. 

Surely the world knows me,

enough to call my name,

So I think I’ll go now,

If it’s all the same.

When we wend the pathways,

I remember every turn,

But everything is different,

The way that rock is set up against that fern.

And the sky is smiling at me,

as I take a boast and set out,

to sea.


Now you can see my terrible writing!! 😂

Also at the top you can see yesterday’s poem! No. 206 “Hope” 24/7/16


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