One Poem Every Day, Poetry

“Sometimes.” (written before my daily poem project started, so no number! πŸ˜Š)

Sometimes I feel like a breeze, here and there I go,
Sometimes I feel like a whisper, whispering secrets slow.
Occasionally I feel like a lion, brave and strong and true,
Sometimes I feel like a wall, standing against any wind that blew.

Sometimes I look at the world, and people and how they live,
Sometimes I feel as if I’ve been pulled, straight through a very thin sieve.
Sometimes I wait on the corner, sometimes I wait on the road,
Sometimes I stop and lean on a tree, and slowly ease off my load.

Sometimes I walk for days, defying snow, wind and sleet,
Sometimes I am triumphant, and sometimes I am beat.
Occasionally I climb the tallest tree, just to look around,
Sometimes I lie and look at the stars, and feel the cold of the ground.


Ok, and now the word sometimes has ceased to look like a word to me πŸ˜‚ hope you enjoyed this poem! I’m currently doing a daily poem project, yesterday’s poem was:Β No. 207 – 27/7/16


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