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No. 223 “Deep Sea Diving Goats” (part 1, origin story) – 20/8/16

On the top of a mountain, there was an idea,
Grown on fresh air and plenty of beer.
Well actually, not beer, mountain goats don’t drink,
Well they drink water, but that’s all, I think.
Of course I cannot be sure, on the basis of this wild idea,
You never know, they could have been sipping beer.

So there were some goats, coming down from the top,
Of a mountain, they were unwilling to stop.
Because this idea was bigger than billy-o,
So down they charged, they would not go slow.
Because they knew there had never been a deep sea diving goat,
They were heading down to hire a boat.


Follow for more exciting adventures of the deep sea diving goats! As requested πŸ˜‰


12 thoughts on “No. 223 “Deep Sea Diving Goats” (part 1, origin story) – 20/8/16

  1. I’m glad you seem to have as crazy a sense of humour as me! I saw you’d visited Ulingana to see who it was that liked your post!! I do that, always go & see who’s interested in my work. Ulingana is a labour of love, if you get time look at my project on there, a young lass called Ketty…. beautiful chance for me to share some of my good fortune with her, and learn from her & friends that you don’t need money to be happy!

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