One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 227 “Cat.” – 29/8/16


Spanish word for cat.

I feel like I am stretching blind into the language.

When I see a cat,

I think, “cat”

Not gato.

And anyway if it was a girl cat,

I would have to call it gata.

The perro is blanco,

Yo como pescardo,

Tu escribe una carta,

La poeta es loco,

At least that last one I can agree with.


2 thoughts on “No. 227 “Cat.” – 29/8/16

  1. deffo loco towards endo!! I had an Italian housemate once so got used to calling the cat gato. Then we went to a public lecture by Stephen Hawking and after that the cat got called ‘singularity’ or singhy for short. I wrote a poem about the whole singularity business, tho they are tricky customers to be sure.

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