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Time For Something Different.

Hi everyone! I’ve really been enjoying this journey of one poem every day, it has helped me craft my words as never before.

And I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments and support you’ve given me, y’all are awesome!

This isn’t me finishing this blog at all, and I will still post with regularity. But for now I will not be doing one poem every single day. I have a few personal projects to work on and lots of other things that are keeping me busy.

In other news I am now on, where you can purchase a custom written poem by me, just for you! Check it out! 😁

-Zoe 😊



9 thoughts on “Time For Something Different.

  1. Thanks for all your wonderful writings and poems will miss it all , thanks also for your influence on the tall blonde for keeping her on the strait and narrow I know it’s hard.

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  2. A poem a day is hard (if you care about quality at all) so good job for keeping it up at all.

    When I started my poem a day thing I didn’t want to give up because I had only just started. But now I don’t want to give up because I’ve come so far. 66 days to go. I actually can’t wait for December 31 though.

    Good luck with whatever comes next.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I have sincerely enjoyed poeming every day, but I found it a lot easier when I was just scribbling in my notebook, rather than posting it for everyone to see! I’m proud to have gotten into the hundreds with my project and I may start it up again, who knows!? But congratulations yourself for sticking to it for so long! That’s an impressive achievement 😊

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