dVerse Quadrille #37: What Leads to Fear – 2/8/17

Running that’s the truth
And tipping, tripping, lie, or tie me down
Too late
Unexpectedly at the sheer drop
Arms windmilling
Against the fearful drop
And back I tip
Running again
Whipping though lovely foliage
In dancing copperplated heels
Down amongst the laughing trees.



Following the prompt at dVerse – Quadrille #37–Be Not Afraid.

Please let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome!



15 thoughts on “dVerse Quadrille #37: What Leads to Fear – 2/8/17

  1. Firstly, Zoe, I am so thrilled you came by dVerse!!! Hooray!! When doing imagery, there are 6 (not 5) senses. The extra one is motion and it is a tough one. You have written Motion superbly here! It gives a sense of off-balance that is palpable. This reminds me of my childhood days of running out of control downhill with a mix of fear and delight. The part that illudes me is the copperplated heels – help me out? This is a lovely poem, my friend!

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    1. Wow Jilly thank you so much! I’m thrilled at what you found in this poem 😁 that sense of off balance is exactly what I was thinking about when writing. I didn’t know about the extra sense, that is very useful info, thank you! About the copperplated heels, not a real thing I don’t think? But the image I was trying to capture was I think a bit of 18th century explorer, thinking of the adventure and how kids or at least me as a kid, loved those stories by R. M. Ballantyne and Robert Louis Stevenson, thick in deep jungles full of elephants and monkeys and danger. So I think childlike, trying to capture those feelings and playing dress up! I mean that’s a lot to try and pack in, but that’s where my thoughts where, not that most of it is at all discernible, haha 😉. Thanks for reading and your usual amazing thoughts on it!

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