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dVerse prompt, shoes – 30/8/17

Summer shoes to be

Discarded, corner tossed

Feet free in the grass

– zu

A prompt from dVerse about shoes, I’ve always enjoyed hot weather when I can kick them off! This is a haiku, 5-7-5 syllables. I always have trouble with syllables because when in primary school they taught us to count them by the amount of times our chin went down when we said the word, well with my Australian accent words tend to become a little compressed! Does anyone have a better method of counting syllables?Β 


25 thoughts on “dVerse prompt, shoes – 30/8/17

  1. A lovely true classic haiku. I’ve been writing and studying haiku for 30+ years and I must say, my southern accent often gets in the way. The only thing I can suggest is to use an American dictionary with the syllables marked out and usually with an online pronunciation guide. LOL, you Aussies add syllables just as we Southern Americans do….and it is just fine. Some people count haiku in short-long-short lines. As long as you add the season word (as in fall or watermelon and not salt) and the cutting word, you are fine. I love the thoughts of feet being free in the grass, or in a creek or along the ocean.

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    1. Thanks for the helpful info and ideas! I must say haiku is not my strongest point, but it’s something I’m interested in learning more about. I’m glad you liked my attempt and I hope your feet are always free 😊


      1. Thank you! I am a funny bunny actually, even in the coldest winter – I wear sandals! I used to say as a child that “I couldn’t breathe” with closed shoes on. When I went away to university, I began wearing Birkenstock sandals. LOL I even wore them at my weadding – formal wedding gown, long lace veil and Birkenstocks! My mother just said, she’s an adult she’s paying for her own wedding and reception…who the hell cares?

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        1. Well why not!? The story about your wedding footwear made me laugh 😁 although I had to google what Birkenstocks are, they look super comfy! Love your expression as a child that you couldn’t breathe, that would make a good
          poem πŸ˜‰


  2. We’ve had two haiku for this prompt – very different – chalk and cheese (pun intended)! I often use haiku as a springboard into other poetry. I love your haiku – my thoughts entirely, although my old feet are sensitive to pebbles these days. It’s either barefoot or boots please!

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    1. There is something about childhood summers and going barefoot that goes hand in hand. I still like to but there’s not many times in my life at the moment where being barefoot would be acceptable! πŸ˜‚


  3. I love haiku (I can see you excel at minimizing words and expanding thoughts!) Also like sonnets–iambic pentameter–because I also love counting syllables. My method is to fling out my fingers and count that way. Probably related to my autism πŸ™‚

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    1. I love the image of you flinging out your fingers, sounds like a lovely energetic way to write poetry! Thanks for your kind words, I feel like I struggle with the restrictions of haiku, so I’m glad you think this one worked! 😊


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