Fingers – 17/9/15

You know how when someone makes a blanket,
Their fingers hold the thread,
Turn it over, slip it in,
Pull it tight.
They debate the colours, hold them up.
Admire this one with that.
They tie the tassels on the end,
They tie the knots.
They work until the wool is tangled
And then spend half an hour unravelling.
They build it in stitches
And squares,
First one and then twenty, It grows under their fingers.
Every time they pull the thread through to make a stitch.


But when you hold that woollen blanket,
Granny squared, or purled and knitted,
Each colour bouncing off its partner, just right,
You don’t see the stitches.
You can’t feel the fingers knitting.
It’s joined so seamlessly that this is just a blanket,
Thread turned into fabric and every time the fingers turned it
Just the right way to make this whole
Is gone, forgotten,
Lost in the space between this thread and that one,
it’s slipped out of the gaps
And is laying slightly crooked on a concrete floor.
The only way to feel the loving fingers is to pick it up,
Put it around your shoulders.
You’ll always be safe in here.
Stretch it tight across you, that’s a cool hand running across your back,
And then even if you can’t see the fingers
That twisted this into a hug,
They’re there. Just be held.



I was gunna use this for Sanaa’s prompt at Real Toads but it doesn’t really count because I didn’t go out to write it, I was in my room looking at my granny square rug on my bed. It does fulfil the idea of just letting the idea come naturally, as the prompt says, ‘as Francis Bacon wisely states; “Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.”‘ This is a great prompt though, and I’d like to try it again sometime, actually going out next time! 



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