Darkness is the absence of light – 31/12/17

Laying in the litter of black bark,

The dark is strewn with our shadows

We carpet the ground beneath the trees

And we cannot see our feet

But even in this layer of geological light

Or non-light, absence of light, everything-but-light cake layer,

There is a small stirring; something is awake,

On the tops of the shapeless shadows,

Suddenly less black, more brown, almost green,

The crickets are singing imperceptibly in some far off place, as high as the soft laughing tree heads, curly tops,

And down here, where we are as low as you can get without digging a hole,

We can smell the promise of dawn coming in an hour or a minute or a day,

Light comes so softly you cannot hear it breathing, till,

Till… and here it is.




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