Buds come at anytime – 6/3/18

My pumpkin vine is still gamely unfurling buds. Does it know that soon the air will snap freeze overnight? The tomatoes will melt. I will be sad to see them go most of all. The best part of summer gardens is popping bright red cherry tomatoes into my mouth, still warm from the sun, seeds and juices exploding. This year however my garden has given me a reason to look forward to that icy season, the one I usually dread above all others.


When the first frost warning arrives, I will cover everything that I can with hay or clear plastic, to try and let the life linger a little longer. Hopefully I’ll have some cold weather tomatoes this year. Then I will grab my seeds for broccoli, peas, leeks, and look forward to learning about the plants that thrive as the earth sleeps in frost and freezing winds.


False spring takes heat from
The sky and buries it in
The depth of the earth




Having to look at this prompt from dVerse from the other side of the world where it’s Autumn not Spring, and this haiku that I wrote recently fit well.Β 


18 thoughts on “Buds come at anytime – 6/3/18

    1. It’s true, I always mourn the end of summer. I’m glad this year that I have exciting things to do in my garden when winter comes. Thanks for your comment 😊


  1. cherry tomatoes still warm from the sun! Yes, I used to do that as a child – my mom had a garden about two acres large – corn, pumpkins inhabited one acre – the other all sorts of goodies. We mulched with straw or old hay… don’t remember covering with plastic. Wonderful poem – brought back memories.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem and got some nice memories from it! My garden is not as nice as your mum’s garden sounds, but it’s lovely to have a space to work with growing things! As for the plastic, it’s clear so I am going to use it as a makeshift greenhouse over the plants to keep out the frost, not sure how it will go, just something I’m going to try 😊 Thanks very much for stopping by and reading, I hope you’ll return 😊


  2. That fickle spring. False spring is exactly the term for it. I remember eating cherry tomatoes in the garden and French breakfast radishes, with a dish of salt and just my hand to dust off the soil. Your poem brought back the memories and the expectations of the garden. And pumpkins. I grew only one successful pumpkin a few years ago….a French Cinderella pumpkin, like the carriage. Made it into a thanksgiving pie and it was wonderful. But they take up so much room to grow and in an urban garden? No room at the inn. Thank you for this wonderful, evocative poem.

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    1. I’m so glad you remembered some beautiful memories from my poem 😊 gardens seem to have special ways of getting into our memories, everyone seems to have a special one they remember. I am just starting off with my vegetable garden, just one season in, so I’m looking forward to learning and growing a lot more, I have one pumpkin halfway along, but I don’t know if it will reach full size before the frost. The Cinderella pumpkin sounds wonderful, as do the French breakfast radishes! I don’t think I’ve ever tried them? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I hope you’ll come back and have a read again soon 😊


    1. Thank you so much Victoria, loved this prompt! I’m not sure I did it justice, but it’s so interesting to be reading all these spring poems while I’m in the opposite season.


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