What it’s About

This little poetry outlet that you’ve stumbled is honoured to see you here. I am a bookkeeper by trade, although I failed maths in school. A reader even when I don’t have time for it. And a writer because I can’t help it.

If you explore a little you will find original poetry, a few stories to fill a Sunday afternoon, and other whimsical ramblings that I hope you’ll peruse and add to.

My most recent project is One Poem Every Day, which is self explanatory, so please subscribe to follow that journey.

I hope you might find in all these words a little piece of yourself, something of the small struggles and triumphs every human goes through. If you do please tell me, I will be thrilled!

I am looking for to improve as a writer so I would really appreciate constructive feedback and support.

Thanks very very much,

Zoe Urquhart.


14 thoughts on “What it’s About

    1. No worries! I enjoyed reading your poems 😊 yes it can be difficult to keep up the motivation for one poem every single day!! I hope yours keep coming! Thanks for following me 😁


        1. I like it as a way to release some creativity that I normally don’t find time for. Sometimes I have ideas that I ignore because I’m too busy and daily poeming gives he a place to put them πŸ˜‚ how long are you going to continue for?


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