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dVerse prompt, shoes – 30/8/17

Summer shoes to be

Discarded, corner tossed

Feet free in the grass

– zu

A prompt from dVerse about shoes, I’ve always enjoyed hot weather when I can kick them off! This is a haiku, 5-7-5 syllables. I always have trouble with syllables because when in primary school they taught us to count them by the amount of times our chin went down when we said the word, well with my Australian accent words tend to become a little compressed! Does anyone have a better method of counting syllables? 

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Promptly poetry!

One of the most important questions has always been; did he come in the front door or the back door?

One person strongly suspected it was the front door, and everyone else wasn’t really sure.

Create a story, poem or explanation for which way you believe he came in, and why it’s so important.