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Augustus Writes a Poem!

Herein is a poem that I wrote as Augustus The Fish, go check it out! Keep in mind that it’s Augustus’s very first poem, so he probably needs a lot of encouragement! 😂

For any that don’t know, Augustus is my alter ego. I write as Augustus The Fish on the blog What a Fish Thinks for my job at the Age of Fishes Museum. Augustus is a cantankerous fish who is secretly lovely underneath it all, and who cares a lot about how humans treat fish. He would love your support! 


I have never written a poem before. Cecily, unfortunately, has written thousands, and has been pestering me to let her post one. I refused. Instead I decided to write my own poem, which adheres to …

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What A Fish Thinks

A Present for Augustus!

So a little while ago I introduced you all to Augustus The Fish and a lot of you really enjoyed reading his blog What a Fish Thinks. (for those who don’t know, that is also written by me 😉)

Anyway I thought I would share a painting I did of Augustus this week! What do you think?



I hope Augustus likes it 😂. It is on a folder that will hold all his blog posts for people to read when they visit the Age of Fishes Museum 😊



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My other blog, What A Fish Thinks 😉

So here’s something! I also write a blog in conjunction with the Age of Fishes Museum called What A Fish Thinks.  I’m writing as a fish called Augustus who is pompous, opionated, and very outspoken, but secretly lovely under all that 😉 He can even get a little poetical sometimes, like me 😂 It’s lots of fun to write and I’m sure you’d enjoy reading it 😁 So go check it out!

I have lived in The River for my whole life. I have swum against current and with it. I have sheltered beneath tree roots as water from the sky has pelted the surface water of the river churning i…

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