It’s Not Spring Here – 26/2/18

False spring takes heat from

The sky and buries it in

The depth of the earth





One Poem Every Day, Poetry

A few nonsensical poems from a hilarious day – 14/7/17

Do you suppose in autumn, all the trees are saying,
I cannot be-leaf it, this year I was praying,
For my leaves not to leaf me,
Yet here I am, a bear tree.
* * * *
Damn the roses saith the man
As he liftth the watering can.
* * * *
If I had a verandah,
I would put my Aunt Miranda,
on it.
And she would knit
and sit
and knit some more.
One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 143 “Seasons Change?” – 14/4/16

Every time the seasons change, it feels exactly the same,

Each winter smells the same, each summers wind is like those that came,

A million years ago, when the blue sky never wavered,

And brief springs in Octobers are the same as those I savoured,

When I was as tall as the gate post, when I greeted the spring overjoyed,

And when I feel the hot summer air, I cannot be annoyed.

Yes each time the seasons change, I’m catapulted back to each past year,

By the same smells and sounds as then, today they are just as clear.