“Radiant Sunrise” two word prompt – 24/8/17

It’s a pig,
Slops and all.
Gold shines his back,
Lace clouds fall.
A pen, some straw,
A place called home.
To greet the sun,
To feel less alone.
Morning caught in a dewy web,
Moon faced sun.
Friends who are here,
Are better than none.
The pig and all,
The same under their skins.
Feeling joyous and well spoken,
Radiant, he grins.



Prompt from Teresa Creations Blog.

One Poem Every Day, Poetry

A few nonsensical poems from a hilarious day – 14/7/17

Do you suppose in autumn, all the trees are saying,
I cannot be-leaf it, this year I was praying,
For my leaves not to leaf me,
Yet here I am, a bear tree.
* * * *
Damn the roses saith the man
As he liftth the watering can.
* * * *
If I had a verandah,
I would put my Aunt Miranda,
on it.
And she would knit
and sit
and knit some more.
Poetry, What A Fish Thinks

Augustus Writes a Poem!

Herein is a poem that I wrote as Augustus The Fish, go check it out! Keep in mind that it’s Augustus’s very first poem, so he probably needs a lot of encouragement! 😂

For any that don’t know, Augustus is my alter ego. I write as Augustus The Fish on the blog What a Fish Thinks for my job at the Age of Fishes Museum. Augustus is a cantankerous fish who is secretly lovely underneath it all, and who cares a lot about how humans treat fish. He would love your support! 


I have never written a poem before. Cecily, unfortunately, has written thousands, and has been pestering me to let her post one. I refused. Instead I decided to write my own poem, which adheres to …

Source: Augustus Writes a Poem!

One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 25 “Round the World in a Bed: a silly poem” – 27/11/15

Soft and cozy doonas piled high on my bed,
Just in case it floats away, just like they said.
If I awake to find a world awash with sea,
At least I’ll be warm, now that the ocean’s free.

Drift in water ripples, an endless kind of flat,
I hope I can find some food, else that is that.
A message in a bottle, from someone elses bed,
They say the same as mine, I hope they’ve been read.

Day by night I wonder how this heavy bed can float,
Must be imagination. I think it’s better than a boat.
I wonder where the land went, down there I suppose,
Look there’s San Francisco! And on the ocean flows.

We’ve been twice around the globe, I never thought I’d travel far,
But I’ve been everywhere man, and I haven’t used a car.
I’ve seen three beds floating round just like mine,
I can’t complain, the food is good, the weather fine.

And when the ocean flows away,
To find another place to stay,
And I want firm ground to tread,
I’ll find I must get out of bed.