Pack the car. – 17/4/17

Tea freezes over in the morning
And the sky is never blue no more
Yeah my tea freezes over in the morning
And it’s a long long way to out-a here.
To be sung in a country style if you would, with plucking on the banjo in the background. Thanks. 

No. 227 “Quilts” – 28/8/16

Quilts hung in the shade of a dusty day,
Shift in the breeze, in a relaxed sort of way.
Waters dry quickly, alone in the sun,
Out the back door, bold days have begun.


No. 197 maybe… “Cockatoos in the Morning” – 6/7/16

Shall I tell of white cockatoos,

Flying above dew-dropped sleeping roos?

Watching the morning fly on the air,

I can only wonder, I can only stop and stare.


No. 196 “Salt or not?” – 3/7/16

Does a pelican flying inland ever stop to wonder why,

With no expanse of sea, trees seem to block the sky?

Does he find peace in the freshwater afternoon breeze,

Or does he sigh and wish for strong winds blowing the salt from the seas?