A few nonsensical poems from a hilarious day – 14/7/17

Do you suppose in autumn, all the trees are saying,
I cannot be-leaf it, this year I was praying,
For my leaves not to leaf me,
Yet here I am, a bear tree.
* * * *
Damn the roses saith the man
As he liftth the watering can.
* * * *
If I had a verandah,
I would put my Aunt Miranda,
on it.
And she would knit
and sit
and knit some more.

Slow moving show – 16/2/17

The car headlights can’t wash out the stars tonight.
Most people don’t stare at the stars, at least they’re not impolite.
But I stop the car and get out, to watch this slow moving show,
Thousands of years in the making, still celestial and slow.