Blue – 20/7/17

Be all the blue you don’t want to see in the sky

That bitter note of sunshine rules the skies

Blow up the water tank the roos don’t mind the bangs

Leave the pieces laying on the dust

Silky dust wanting water and somehow I don’t care

Under the verandah the clouds are gathering

Could this be the end of all we’re hearing now

Or is this the only thing keeping us sane.

All I see of me is my shadow on the wall,

Walking down the hall thudding on worn carpet again.


Everything I write comes back to the word drought. It’s not the worst word once you get to know it. 

One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 155 “A little line of ants” – 13/6/16

A little line of ants is crossing my backyard

All undeterred by the rocky way and hard

In the twilight rain trickles onto hard packed ground

Thick quilted clouds in grey muffle any sound

I’m leaning on the back door, drinking in red air

The silence seems to say, speak only if you dare

Dark green trees against a rain heavy sky

The restless wind has stilled, and no bird wants to fly

The trees nod in the stillness, to cicadas singing

And the little line of ants goes on, ignoring raindrops flinging