Our Summer – 28/2/17

We have had our summer, untarnished, bold and bright,

We had our turn to dance, in rain and flooding light,

Come! Back to our caves now!

Before the world turns sour,

Lift your face to the dying sun, run! Escape the nearing night.



Thanks for the great prompt from dVerse to capture an emotion without naming it in our poem! I’m not sure I did it justice, but I really love this prompt 😊

Last poem: It’s Not Spring Here – 26/2/18


“Radiant Sunrise” two word prompt – 24/8/17

It’s a pig,
Slops and all.
Gold shines his back,
Lace clouds fall.
A pen, some straw,
A place called home.
To greet the sun,
To feel less alone.
Morning caught in a dewy web,
Moon faced sun.
Friends who are here,
Are better than none.
The pig and all,
The same under their skins.
Feeling joyous and well spoken,
Radiant, he grins.



Prompt from Teresa Creations Blog.