A few nonsensical poems from a hilarious day – 14/7/17

Do you suppose in autumn, all the trees are saying,
I cannot be-leaf it, this year I was praying,
For my leaves not to leaf me,
Yet here I am, a bear tree.
* * * *
Damn the roses saith the man
As he liftth the watering can.
* * * *
If I had a verandah,
I would put my Aunt Miranda,
on it.
And she would knit
and sit
and knit some more.

They came from Cockatoo! A poem.

They lived in the Dandenong Ranges, where the maddest people go,
Along the ridge of the mountains, where the fearsome rivers flow.
I don’t know how they got here, but they would stop and have a chat,
They’d never settle down though, they’d never hang their hat.
We couldn’t do without them, I hate to even try,
I cannot stop the misting eyes, now we have to say goodbye.
They hitched up their yellow caravan, it had but room for two,
But before they disappeared for good, we heard, “We’ll see you in Cockatoo!”


I didn’t write this poem

Fairy floss,

It looks like moss,

And turns to gloss.

Please don’t toss,

Your fairy floss.

– By my awesome friend Gill.

The Great Gill noticed I hadn’t written a poem today, so rather than let me disappoint certain people she wrote this sensational poem for me. 

^The above was highly edited by Gill. 😂


No. 210 1/7/16

Waking up is hard sometimes,

Especially when you’ve been up till 11pm

When you’re normally asleep by 10.

The sheets were not on

(or dry for that matter)

And your best friend calls accidentally.

So you have to call her back.

Yes waking up is hard sometimes.

I guess waking up will be hard tomorrow.

-zu.  Goodnight!