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Shall we meet the night? – 13/7/17

Outside our yellow boxes
Night lurks
Grinning with yellow teeth
He’s probably friendly, shall we go out and see?
I feel like my years of nights spent protected by electric lights has robbed me of being able to enjoy the velvety darkness at night. Are you a day time person or a night time person? 
One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 193 “Kathmandu” – 27/6/16

The night time shadows are creeping slowly up the wall,
Outside in the dusky dark I can hear the night birds call.
The ants have gone to their beds beneath the soil,
The moons round face is hanging, we could call him loyal.
Crack the shining silence with a simple word or two,
And hurry back inside, it’s as cold as Kathmandu!


One Poem Every Day, Poetry

No. 172 “All the Animals I Could Be” – 24/5/16

Sometimes I feel silly

Like a giraffe with a party hat on sliding around the ice 

At the rink.


Sometimes I want to hide

Like a shy possum who freezes when you look at her

Fruit falling from thumbs.


Other times I am feel graceful

Like pierce-eyed eagle who can pirouette in the sky 



At the moment I’m a kitten,

Curled up in bed, purring thoughts to myself

Almost asleep.



One Poem Every Day