A Ludicrous Limerick, and High-flown reflections while sitting on a water tank, Part I. – 18/3/17

I see the galah in the tree,
The same time he sees me.
We are both perched high,
But I cannot fly,
So he is the first one to flee.
Actually he didn’t flee, so I kept writing. 
He was just a baby,
And didn’t know humans are dangerous.
He tilted his head,
And determined me as
No threat.
Focused on more important things,
Like feathers that the wind sets
And a wind that could toss him out of,
A tree full of shivers and sunshine.
-also zu

This song is dancing in my head – 20/3/17

I smell fire but I don’t see ashes,
The smoke is billowing in gashes,
But I don’t care enough to look and see where,
It’s enough just to know that something’s,
Going up in flames
 And burning,
At an end,
With no warning.
Spiralling in smoke,
Out of control.
Choking the sky,
Look, the dark clouds roll.
 – zu
Do you ever have a song stuck in your head? I’ve found its brilliant to write a poem to the tune, it’s an easy way to plagiarise someone’s rhythm and metre! 😂

Shifting earth -10/3/17

The idea of the dust of the earth continuly moving, shifting,
The granite fissures in earth’s skin slowly drifting,
The ground I’m standing on will be gone, and lost,
Reshaped, or blown away, my world is will be tossed.
And I need to hold on, but the earth is not stable,
If my part of the world is not permanent, then how am I able?
Would forever mean learning to jump on shifting sands,
Swimming in the rushing time, letting the dust slip from my hands?
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On a Bike Again

My first bike ride in nearly a decade
And I head straight for the nearest hill.
My less than fit legs protesting that this is a bad idea,
Each slow push of the pedals only just propelling the bike forward,
One more push,
One more push,
The bike wobbles,
One more push,
And I have reached the top.
Now it is my turn to wobble as I jump off the bike,
My deep breaths coming fast.
I perch on a gate.
As soon as the gasps slow I can feel my heart pumping strong and hard,
And I feel oddly proud that I am the one who brought my heart to life.
And although I can feel my legs already aching tomorrow,
I am only thinking of the fun,
Of the long coast home.

Softly Comes the Light – 16/2/17

I am glad this morning when I do not have to get up ridiculously early to catch a train to Sydney.
My mouth hates the taste of toothpaste and early mornings.
My eyes rebel against replacing the sun with artificial lights so early.

I like the way the sun gives us time to say goodbye to the darkness,
colouring the edges with orange and the middle with shadowed blue.