dVerse Quadrille #37: What Leads to Fear – 2/8/17

Running that’s the truth
And tipping, tripping, lie, or tie me down
Too late
Unexpectedly at the sheer drop
Arms windmilling
Against the fearful drop
And back I tip
Running again
Whipping though lovely foliage
In dancing copperplated heels
Down amongst the laughing trees.



Following the prompt at dVerse – Quadrille #37–Be Not Afraid.

Please let me know what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome!


No. 228 “cat, my unfinished poem.” – 4/9/16

I play my cat like a guitar, just to hear him purr.


Is a one line poem a thing? Well it is now because I’m going to to sleep before I can finish this poem! I’ve an idea, see if you can finish it in the comments below! Wow, I’m such a lazy poet! 😂


Prompt: A Peck of Gold by Robert Frost

Dust always blowing about the town, 

Except when the sea fog laid it down, 

And I was one of the children told, 

Some of the blowing dust was gold. 


I challenge you to write about something you were told and believed as a child.



No. 184 “Time to Grow Branches” (Poetry Prompt) 14/6/16

Time to grow branches
reaching long past the sky
Am I strong enough to hold them?
I won’t know unless I try

I won’t know unless I try
If I can run with roots
If I will ever see the world
Or if I’ll never put on my boots

If I never put on my boots
Will I learn to balance my love
For the rocky soil below
And the wild sky above?


This was the result of a poetry prompt from Elaine’s Place which you can see here: Time to Grow Branches Poetry Prompt . The guidelines were to start with the line ‘time to grow branches’ and to write three stanzas, each stanza starting with the last line of the previous one. This was lots of fun to do! 😊