Blue – 20/7/17

Be all the blue you don’t want to see in the sky

That bitter note of sunshine rules the skies

Blow up the water tank the roos don’t mind the bangs

Leave the pieces laying on the dust

Silky dust wanting water and somehow I don’t care

Under the verandah the clouds are gathering

Could this be the end of all we’re hearing now

Or is this the only thing keeping us sane.

All I see of me is my shadow on the wall,

Walking down the hall thudding on worn carpet again.


Everything I write comes back to the word drought. It’s not the worst word once you get to know it. 

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Gone – 12/7/17

Pickling the foggy air, the sunshine cures the swirling fish fogged tails.
See there’s a drab brown bird flying away,
Dragging the day with a rope.
 – zu
Todays weather report, brought to you by: A Drab Brown Bird. 

Surely – 15/2/17

There’s a valley of sand stretching across from the edges,

Nothing but sand.

When we reach the fork of the road, we shan’t burn our bridges,

But we must go overland.

Let’s let the wind decide, our coat tails billow and snap,

And carry us high.

Our surprise is soon lost in the clouds of loud thunderclap,

Open a weather eye.


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Laughter Rides a Bicycle – 10/11/16

Laugher rides a yellow bicycle through,
Rain-drenched pavements reflecting blue,
Catching each raindrop like a benediction,
And swinging on sunbeams in delightful contradiction


A little poem I brushed up a bit, from my stash of hidden poems 😉 I enjoy personifying qualities, what do you think laughter would look like?

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No. 230 “It’s raining questions” 10/9/16

Spasmodic drops of rain delight the kookaburras mood,
Their laughter wakes the earth sodden and subdued.
A raindrop for a question, another pounding ‘why?’,
Softly when it’s pestering, a small wind for a sigh.
From deep and murky stars, rain falls like confetti,
Like a long line of laughing questions running down to the sea.